Shop our collection of flagpoles for both indoor and outdoor displays. Our flagpole kits come with all the necessary hardware and installment instructions to make the process easy and efficient for the busy homeowner. A furling system with a natural spin is included to prevent flags from tangling in the wind. Our flagpoles are made with either heavy-duty steel or anodized aluminum to ensure their durability against the rough Canadian weather over long periods of time.  

Our anodized aluminum flagpole is lightweight and designed for buildings and residential use. Pair it with your Canadian flag

Anodized Aluminum Flagpoles

Aluminum is strong yet light weight, perfect for those looking for a flagpole to be attached to their home or commercial building. Our aluminum flagpoles are anodized to prevent rusting and to give it a chromatic shine, making it a favourite for its low maintenance! Recommended for those who live in harsh weather conditions.

In photo: 6' Anodized Aluminum Flagpole Kit

Outdoor heavy duty steel flagpole for residential use. Canadiana Flag provides durable flagpoles to pair with your Canadian flag.

Heavy Duty Steel Flagpoles

Our heavy duty steel flagpoles are a favourite for residential use and to display outside office buildings. Heavy duty steel is able to withstand the rough Canadian weather; snow and heavy winds. It is also coated in a special powdered coating finishing to double up on weather resistance.  

In Photo: 18' Steel Flagpole Kit  

How Tall should my Flagpole be?

The first thing to consider when choosing the height of your flagpole is where are you mounting your flagpole. The typical height of a flagpole for a residential areas is 18 feet. However, if your home is 2-4 stories tall, you may want to consider a 24' flagpole, so your flag will be identifiable from a distance and will look proportionate to your home or building.

For indoor flagpoles, most ceilings are about 9 feet. Hence, we made our 8' Indoor Flagpole Set to accommodate. Our indoor flagpole set is designed and constructed to give a ceremonial and elegant appearance with a rich shine from top to bottom.

Flagpoles and Hardware


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