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Canada Red Ensign 1868 - 1921 - Embroidered/ Appliqué Flags

Style Traditional Government Period finishing

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The red ensign emerged as a Canadian symbol post-1868, despite the Royal Union Flag being the official flag. Sir John A. Macdonald often utilized it, featuring the shields of founding provinces. Authorized for Canadian ships in 1892, its design varied, adorned with wreaths and crowns. The original shield persisted until King George V granted Canada its coat of arms in 1922. This emblem adorned the Red Ensign until 1957, marking a dynamic period of evolution and historical significance.

At Canadian, we take pride in using the most up-to-date technology machines that produce high-quality embroidered products. We focus on creating unique and eye-catching flags and banners made in Canada that will last for years to come. Set your final touch with our Canada Ensign Historic Embroidered/ Appliqué Collection.

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  • Using high-productivity embroidery machines
  • Most-up-to-date technology of sewing threads
  • Double-sided embroidery in both the front and the back
  • The finest materials are washable and ironable, lightfast and UV-resistant
  • Flag finished with a thick white tape header
  • Reinforced at the fly-end with 4 rows of stitching for durability
  • Ideally suited for indoor, yachts and boats
  • Product satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made in Canada


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