Every Child Matters

Every Child MattersEvery Child Matters is a phrase used to spread the awareness of the cruelty behind the residential school experience. According to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, it is estimated that around 4,000- 6,000 Indigenous children died in residential schools with their graves being unmarked.  Residential schools strip Indigenous children from their families and communities. Besides the promise of "proper education," Indigenous children of residential schools face brutal and grueling torture; starvation, medical experimentation, physical abuse, mental abuse, molestation, malnutrition and ultimately death.

Spread the awareness of the cruelty behind the residential school experience, and the inequalities that the Indigenous community continues to face with our Every Child Matters flag.   Be part of Canada's journey of reconciliation.

Be part of Canada's journey of reconciliation. Our First Nations Flag Collection is a collective of flags that represent the Canadian First Nations tribes, treaties, and social causes that indigenous communities have been battling against. All flags are made in Canada and to official Canadian flag sizing. 

Contact us at info@canadianaflag.ca for bulk pricing of quantities 10+ or and custom designs. 


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