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The RCMP B Division Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador—a majestic emblem steeped in the province's vibrant history. Set against a backdrop of radiant gold, the flag proudly showcases the revered caribou, meticulously crafted from the province's Coat of Arms.

With its gaze fixed towards the canton, the caribou stands regally, adorned with a collar of interlinked red crosses, a nod to Newfoundland and Labrador's rich heritage. This flag serves as a poignant symbol of the region's past, symbolizing the unwavering dedication of the RCMP to safeguarding and serving this cherished land.

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  • Constructed from Nylite 200, our most popular nylon designed to give your flag a bright and satin appearance
  • Digitally printed single-sided with an 80% colour penetration on the backside
  • Sewn with strong, UV resistant thread
  • Fly-end is reinforced with 4 rows of stitching for a durable construction
  • Flag finished with a thick white tape header
  • Flags made by following the Canadian Federal Government's CGSB guideline
  • Product satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made in Canada


Our Nylite 200 is the most popular nylon fabric for its value. Through several colour and field tests, our team has developed true colours that last longer. It is durable yet lightweight and coated for UV and water resistance, making it long-lasting against weather conditions.


This item is crafted specifically for you upon order, with a production time of 5 to 7 business days, excluding shipping.

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