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Every Canadian flag that leaves our building in Ontario, Canada is embedded with a rich history.

At Canadiana Flag, we have proudly been making the symbols of our nation since est. 1910. We are a company that is full of rich history behind the practices of our Canadian flags dating back to est. 1910. We incorporate traditional flag making methods combined with advanced digital technology to produce high quality Canada flags. With years of history and experience, we believe that we are your local flag expert for utilization, quality assurance, official Canadian sizing and Canadian specifications.

Our Canada flag collection is made from a variety of fabrics to choose from for both indoor, and outdoor residential or commercial use. Our Canada Tuff Fly flag has even been praised by the Canadian Civil Defense Museum and Archives for its sturdiness to combat extreme winds at their radar stations.

Buy a Canada flag today to fly to represent the country you call home

Before producing Canadian Flags, we were experts and leaders in the textiles industry. Read more on our blog about the interesting items we produced before flags such as military equipment that contributed to our expertise in making highly durable flags.  

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Canada Flags Collection


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How to Choose the Right Canada Flag


At Canadiana Flag, we are known for our vibrant colour on a variety of durable fabrics. To choose the best Canada flag for either indoor or outdoor usage, please refer to our guide below.

Material Usage Description

Valuetex Canada Flag

  • Indoor Display
  • Short term outdoor use for special events
  • Only lasts one season when being flwon outdoors

- Popular for its bright and cheerful appearance while being economically priced

Durapoly Canada Flag

Indoor use and outdoor flying

  • - Bright and vibrant colour
  • - UV protection formula

- 4 rows of stitching at fly end to resist fraying

Nylite Canada Flag

Indoor and outdoor use

  • - Engineered fabric for high durability to withstand harsh and windy weather conditions
  • - Rich and silky appearance and texture
  • - More opaque appearance in comparison to our Durapoly fabric
  • - UV protection formula
  • - 4 rows of stitching to resist fraying
  • - Soil resistant coating

Canada Tuff Fly

Outdoor Use

  • - Our strongest and most unique Canada flag
  • - Made from strong flag material to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions such as highly windy areas
  • - Successfully tested on naval ships and the radar stations for the Canadian Civil Defense Museum
  • - UV protection formula

- 4 rows of stitching at the fly end to resist fraying

Appliqué Canada Flag

  • Indoor Use
  • Recommended for display in conferences centres and offices
  • - Traditional flag-making staple
  • - Sectioned and sewn together to give more dimensional stability and a ceremonial appearance
  • - Dyed red with solid penetration for long-lasting vibrancy