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    Applique Canadian Flag - Hand-Sewn
    Close-up View of the Applique Hand-Sewn Maple Leaf
    Canadian Applique Flag on a flagpole

    Appliqué Canada Flag (Larger sizes, Please see Large/Giant Outdoor Commercial Canada Flags )

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    Our Appliqué Canada Flag is a traditional Canada flag. The flag making method, appliqué is a Canadian staple. Each section of the flag is stitched together to create more depth and dimension while being hung for a more rich ceremonial appearance. In particular, our Appliqué Canada Flag carries intricate crafted details that is particularly highlighted in the maple leaf. Instead of being printed, the fabric dyed to produce a more vibrant and lasting red for a bold first impression for backdrops.

    • Recommended for indoor display - corporate buildings, board rooms, studios, museums, art galleries, government buildings, conference centres, banquet halls
    • Engineered towards impressive fade resistance
    • Double stitched on the end to prevent tears

    Customer Reviews

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    Michael Prince
    Wonderful Canadian flag

    I’m an American, but a big fan of Canada and wanted a high quality stitched Canadian flag. I found Canadiana after reaching out to the Canadian government inquiring about some of their official flag suppliers. Couldn’t be happier with this flag. It is official dimensions of 2:1, has a stitched maple leave instead of printed, and looks great. Canadiana’s team also worked with me to get the flag to me fast, while I was staying at a hotel in Canada.