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Flags and banners are timeless! They are a symbol of how we share stories, and give representation to different values and beliefs. We hope to inspire those around us to find their self expression and send their own message.

Canadiana Flag is an employee-owned and operated manufacture. We create products that suit modern flag and banner etiquettes, and the needs of wholesale and retail markets in Canada.

Every flag that leaves our building is embedded with rich Canadian history.

We started off as a family owned business in 1910 based in Toronto, Ontario. In 1910, we were the leaders of textiles and jobbings. We were a major manufacture and distributor of industrial wipes, which played a big role to early railroad companies. In fact, the company owner at that time, John Fredrick Scythes had the honour to become the first president of the Toronto Railway Club who didn't come from a railroad background.

Towards the 1960s, we made a variety of interesting products. Some include Canvas Newsboy Bags, Canadian Army Equipment, Neoprene-coated rainwear and aprons, and firefighter coats. We even had the privilege to make a pair of sails on the Bluenose shown on the dime. Our knowledge of textiles and advanced technology allowed us to successfully transition more solely into the flag industry. We were the first flag company that was able to hone into mass production without sacrificing quality. Now, we are currently equipped with more than 100 years of expertise and knowledge of both traditional and modern day practices.

We are Canada's top local flag experts.   

Check out our blog to learn more about our exciting journey as a traditional Canadian flag maker in the modern era.

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Canadiana Flag Gives Back to the Agricultural Community!


Not all heroes wear capes! Bees are the unheralded heroes of the food chain. One out of three bites of food are due to the help of bees. By funding beekeeping projects, we help give back to the agricultural community by providing these essential pollinators a safe place to nest. In May, we give out a free package of clover seed mix with every order to encourage others to join the movement to save our beloved heroes that help fuel our ecosystems. 

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We have the only In-house Laboratory in Canada


Our level of expertise sets us apart. With Ontario's only lab for developing flag production technology, we take pride in our smart and thoughtful designs to create products that suit a variety of conditions.

To guarantee quality, our in-house lab on a continuous basis tests the tear and breaking strength of flag fabrics both before and after weathering .

All our products are finished with an after treatment for UV resistance and to provide a self cleaning feature when raining. Sunlight is a major cause of fading and overall deterioration.   Our lab tests each dye to determine resistance to fading over a period of time and if necessary to adjust formulas to obtain better life expectancy.

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From Small Projects to Big Projects, We Can Get it Done!

Marine Use? Promotions? Advertising? For the Cottage? Office Display? Residential? Event Marketing?

At Canadiana Flag, we produce flags, banners and hardware for a variety of purposes. All our products are carefully engineered, and recommended to ensure it meets your conditions.

If you have questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at info@canadianaflag.ca and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

IN PHOTO: Large flag 120x240' our team produced for the Hamilton Tiger Cats

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