Canadiana Flag

RCMP H Division Flag


The flag of the RCMP H Division in Nova Scotia features a silver lion in an upright or rampant position. This prominent symbol is drawn from the Arms and flag of Scotland and Nova Scotia, paying homage to the region's heritage. Notably, the lion on the flag is silver, and it sports a collar adorned with the blue Cross of St. Andrews, which hangs gracefully from it. This distinctive design represents the rich history and cultural ties of Nova Scotia and Scotland, making it a significant emblem for the RCMP H Division in the province.

  • Constructed from Nylite 200, our most popular nylon designed to give your flag a bright and satin appearance
  • Digitally printed single-sided with an 80% colour penetration on the backside
  • Dyes coated for UV and soil resistance to extend colour brightness
  • Sewn with strong, UV resistant thread
  • Fly-end is reinforced with 4 rows of stitching for a durable construction
  • Flag finished with a thick white tape header
  • Flags made by following the Canadian Federal Government's CGSB guideline
  • Product satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made in Canada  

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