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The Canada Flag with a Thin Blue Line symbolizes the commitment and sacrifice of the officers who work hard to keep their communities safe.

The Thin Blue Line Canada accurately represents the motto of police forces across the country - "to serve and protect." They work hard to maintain law and order, and their service is symbolic of the line they walk between life and death.

By flying or displaying the Canada mourns flag, we show our appreciation and support for these brave men and women who embody the spirit of service and sacrifice.

History of Canada Mourns Flag

The history of the "thin blue line" in Canada dates back to the early 20th century when it was used to represent the police force. The term "thin blue line" was first used in a poem by British poet Rudyard Kipling in 1911, which referred to the role of police officers in maintaining order in society. The phrase became popular among police officers in Canada and other countries, eventually symbolizing the law enforcement community as a whole.

The "thin blue line" flag in Canada became more prevalent in the 1990s and 2000s as police forces sought to promote unity and pride among their officers. The flag was often used to honour fallen police officers and to show support for the law enforcement community in general.

However, the use of the flag has become more controversial in recent years. Some individuals and organizations see it as a symbol of support for police brutality and systemic racism rather than just a symbol of support for law enforcement. As a result, some police forces have chosen to distance themselves from the flag, while others continue to use it as a symbol of pride and unity within their ranks.


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  • Made in Canada

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