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Happy Holidays Flag

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Happy Holidays! Our adorable and sturdy holiday flag is here to spread some cheer! Recommended for home decor, office decor or events. Our Holiday flag is sure to catch the eyes of others during the holiday season.

  • A bright appearance with a tough and sturdy touch
  • Fabric and colours tested for durability and UV resistance
  • Sewn with a strong, UV resistant thread with a thick, white tape header
  • Covered in UV resistant formula for longer lasting colours
  • 90%+ colour penetration on both sides
  • Water resistant
  • Product made by following the Canadian Federal Government's CGSB guideline
  • Product satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made in Canada

Durapoly is a knitted polyester fabric that is fast-drying, fray and wrinkle resistant making it easy to maintain outdoors.

Customer Reviews

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David M.

We're disappointed with this flag as it is only printed on one side. We can read it from the house but to anyone driving by on the road you can hardly see it as it's not printed fully through and it reads the message backwards.

Hello David,

Thanks for the honest review. Our flags have full colour penetration on both sides. Meaning, the colour and image bleeds to the back side so you see it. Therefore, yes, images mirror on the backside when they're coming in from the front. But, we can also produce flags where the image doesn't mirror on the back side. For example. 'Happy Holidays!' will read from left to right no matter which side your read it from. We would simply put in another layer in between to make that work. Our Durapoly flag is more on the transparent side when looked at close up when flying, in comparison to our Nylite fabric, which is more opaque. Our apologies for not meeting your expectations. We have these options available for custom orders and preferences that we can discuss to get what you're looking for.

Thanks David