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Mohawk Aboriginal Flag



The Mohawk Warrior Society Flag is a powerful symbol of honor, strength, and resilience. Its striking design features a vibrant feather at the center, representing the sacred connection between the Mohawk people and the natural world. Surrounding the emblem, a circular shield adorned with intricate patterns symbolizes the Mohawk's rich cultural heritage and their role as protectors of their people. The flag's interplay of colors reflects the balance between tranquility and passion, reminding us of the Mohawk's steadfast resolve. It stands as a rallying cry for unity and respect, honoring their history and ongoing struggle for justice and self-determination.

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Durapoly is our knit polyester fabric that is fast-drying, fray and wrinkle resistant making it easy to maintain outdoors. It is digitally printed with a fibrous, thick texture. The bright white of our Durapoly provides a strong contrast in colour with a matte finish.

  • Fibrous texture and dries fast when wet, making it easy to maintain for residential and commercial use
  • Flags are sewn with strong, UV protected thread
  • Resistant to stretching and shrinking
  • Abrasion and wrinkle resistant
  • Flag finished with a thick, white tape header available with rope and toggle or grommets
  • Flag sewn with 4 rows of stitching on the fly-end for durability
  • Product satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made in Canada


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