Remembrance Day is a memorial day that happens on November 11. It marks the end of hostiles during the First World War. Hostilities formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Hence, Canadians take a moment of silence during this time in the day to honour those who have served in the nation's defence and sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Canada.

Our Remembrance Day flag collection is a carefully curated collection of flags reflecting the meaning of Remembrance Day. We designed our Remembrance Day flag to signify those who fought for Canada and the sense of freedom we are blessed with today. The Remembrance Day collection also includes the Royal Canadian Air Force flag with the Union Jack in the corner, as this is the version our brave soldiers fought under. Similarly, the Red Ensign flag consists of green leaves in the coat of arms rather the red. The Red Ensign flag with green leaves was the original flag being flown during the First World War and up until 1957.  

Canadian Remembrance Day Flags


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